Monday, November 28, 2016

Fierce Army

I never Imagine myself turn to be an army, but I love "army thingy" from the color to the patterns. There's something cool about it and upgrade your style to the next level, even  in the smallest touch! Beside army thingy, I adore spikes / studs that can make my look fierce. When army and spikes together, that's the perfect combo to match with black color ;) Oh guys, december is coming in a few day! 2017 is come closer x_x

Monday, November 21, 2016

Velvet Game Strong : Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

An hour to my bed time, not even an hour tho. But before I fly to my dreamland, I would like to share my postponed outfit post while ago when I attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Velvet game strong as my outfit to Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. The current trend I saw people wearing velvet. Here I am in black velvet jumpsuit from H&M Studio and my love spiky kicks are kicking out Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. So happy to be back on black! CIAO! until my next post <3

Monday, October 31, 2016

Alien Monochrome

Hello Hello Hello my loves! As per-usual update on the blog, I had problem about my camera lens focus. Too bad I can't take some of my outfit photos with my camera due to the focus trouble. I ended up took OOTD pictures with my iPhone and just update on my instagram @Fahadscale (have you followed me on instagram? Go follow if you haven't followed me yet!). I planned to buy new camera, I'm thinking about mirrorless camera :D should I go for Fuji or Canon? any idea?

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Hello guys! I'm back again after a looong hiatus anyway! I'm quite busy with my work right now and beside that my camera lens broken :( I'm so sad! I always thinking to update my blog, but I can't take photos. But don't worry, please get in touch with me on instagram @Fahadscale :) I'm still updating my daily outfit there with my camera phone. Welcoming my new baby "Dr. Martens with Studs" in my shoes collection and monochrome game strong here! I hope you guys like it <3

Saturday, September 10, 2016


So excited to share to you guys about my latest collaboration with Hammer. I modeled for their newest campaign "Diversity Indonesia". The shoot was taken last month and the campaign just launched, you might spot my picture above in Hammer Stores all over Indonesia. Thank you Hammer for having me in your campaign :D